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The Challenge

By Avi Hartmann

Founder & Member of the Board

In summary, the company was founded in 1996 as a solution to the problem of vehicle theft. We believed that we had the perfect technological solution at the time.

A mountaineer climbs an ice cliff

In 1996, we realized that technology alone could not provide a complete solution to the problem of vehicle theft. We needed to offer a more comprehensive solution to meet the needs of the market. After brainstorming, the founders sat down to create a list of the gaps between what we had and a comprehensive solution to the problem.

This gap included several critical components, each of which was a project in itself. We made the decision to proceed and began working on these projects:

  1. We needed to set up a control room that would operate around the clock, every day of the year. The control room would have software that could identify events and recommend the appropriate action, as well as provide support.

  2. It was necessary to establish a network of installers who knew where and how to install the unit into the vehicle so the vehicle owner could trust in them and hand over his valuable vehicle to them.

  3. There was a need for a team of responders in order to stop the theft and return the vehicle to its owner.

  4. In order to gain widespread adoption of our system, we had to

not only demonstrate its effectiveness, but also address any concerns from insurance companies and car importers. We worked to convince these parties that our system is a superior solution compared to the current options available, and that it poses no harm to vehicles. By addressing these issues, we were able to secure support and recommendations from both insurance companies and car importers..

At every stage, we faced regulatory challenges, and a monopolistic competitor who tried to undermine us.

Finally, after six months of hard work on all fronts, including forming strategic alliances with complementary companies, we were able to put in place a complete, comprehensive solution.

The result exceeded our expectations. We immediately signed a contract with the largest insurance companies, orders began to pour in. Within a few years, the company had become large and successful.

You might be wondering how successful we were. We were so promising that for a year, we met twice a week with potential buyers or investors who were eager to invest in us. Eventually, a company was formed by the largest cellular phone company in the region and one of the largest banks, purchased the company from us. Throughout its history, this company has gone through multiple ownership changes, and at one point was even a publicly traded company. And as for us, the founders, we will discuss what happened to us in the next chapter.

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