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A panoramic photograph from a satellite -  earth during darkness where you can see illuminated area

About Us

Who we are

Helios Tracking has been a GPS Tracking and Fleet Management service provider worldwide
since 2004. We offer advanced, automated real-time solutions for remote tracking, fuel
monitoring, and managing containers, vehicles, assets, and human labor. Our products are
operational, sold in more than 50 countries globally, and offered in more than 32 languages.
Helios designs, deploys and maintains real-time tracking systems for fleet management and
security applications of the vehicle and driver, plus a personal locator for the protection of
individuals. Our systems are driven by strength, stability, agility, and continuous performance.
Helios is a publicly-traded company (on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange) and
compliant with the strictest market regulations. Our products are practical, easy-to-use, wireless,
and have a unique software and innovative hardware.
Helios GPS tracking systems give end-users real-time online tracking and asset monitoring,
whether mobile or fixed, from anywhere, anytime. Our products are benchmarked against
obsessively high quality standards with stringent performance testing. Our products meet
recognized industry standards and hold certifications, including E 24 certification, Safety
certification, EMC test certification, Tuv-Rheinland certification, and more.
We have an unwavering dedication to uncompromising quality and professionalism. Our
continuous R&D investment sets our company and vehicle tracking systems at the pinnacle of
the industry. Our unmatched quality control measures ensure we deliver prompt, precise GPS
tracking systems in any region and are compatible with any platform. And we do so while
staying user-friendly, useful, customizable, and effective.

We have multilingual support for many languages and compatibility with over 1000 devices. We
work closely with the biggest manufacturers in the industry to ensure we cover all aspects of
tracking, from security-focused needs in emerging markets to fleet management in developed
We make managing your fleet and assets the simplest part of your business while advancing
security, connecting you to the web, and giving you insights and data to lead your industry.

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