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The background image shows a trail of car headlights at night with a long exposure on the camera.

The Technology

End-to-end solutions

Phone screen -  a main screen for a new Olly application we are working on.

We leverage custom fleet management software and top-of-the-line GPS tracking solutions to give you a competitive edge. Our products use full cellular technology (GSM/EDGE – 4G, WCDMA – 3G, LTE-M1/NB-IoT – 4G) and location systems (GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou) to create the perfect fleet system. Our web-based user applications allow real-time tracking across the world.

Helios tracking systems are ISO-90001:2015 certified and meet the most demanding industry standards. Our comprehensive asset tracking and fleet management software is extremely versatile, allowing us to create custom-tailored solutions that fit your daily fleet operations and meet your specific business goals. Our in-house development team can build and customize products to meet your unique needs.


Full in-house solution

All our technology and products are developed in-house. Our products are designed and developed by our engineers. Our development team writes code, tests, and deploys all our firmware and applications. Our in-house development process allows us to tailor and develop a bespoke product that matches user needs and specifications. 

We have integrated our capabilities with car and vehicle manufacturers to adapt our tools to manufacturer and user needs. We offer flexible options for GPS tracking needs through customized GPS tracking devices and software with personalized support and a dedicated team. 

We develop and own all hardware and firmware for our products. This allows us to robustly and quickly add features and customization to meet emerging customer requirements while taking advantage of opportunities.


We offer a dedicated round-the-clock support team available to help and guide distributors. Our support team helps new distributors navigate and get acquainted with the system, offers support for malfunctions, and interprets technical documentation. We'll help you with the implementation and how to get the most out of your fleet tracking system and troubleshoot any problems.


At Helios, all product and software development is done in-house. We develop and customize products for precise applications. We are contracted with car manufacturers, shipping companies, and distributors, each with different needs and features, and provide a complete solution to their needs. Our technical background is paired with an unparalleled approach to customer service and creating solutions tailored to user needs.

Fleets & personal

Our control system provides various customization options personalized to the user. From allowing distributors selling to private customers to personally manage the units to streamlining management for companies serving thousands of vehicles and user needs, each requiring different information.

Each end-user has access to required and authorized information. Administrators can create, manage and control user permissions, group access, and generations through access certificates and hierarchy for unlimited users.


Our management platform enables the transfer of information to other systems through different communication options. We guarantee the functionality and specialized adjustment to the customer's needs.

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