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Zero Motorcycles

Helios Advanced, the connectivity solution for the first commercial CONNECTED bike in the world

Zero electric motorcycle SRF in the desert at sunset

The problem

  • Creating a one-of-a-kind powerful motorcycle with rea-time two-way connection and advance control capabilities.

  • Creating a solution that would allow two way communication with the bike such as stats, charging status, range, theft and more and from the other hand sending commands to the bike and update its firmware OTA.

The solution

  • Bike data: Bike status, charging status, range, charging

  • Location: find my bike, anti-theft.

  • Bike ECU update over the air and more special features upon customer request

  • Charging: Charging schedule, target, setting, monitoring, alerts.

The feature

The feature: Helios Advance- the connecting solution. Customize units for Zero motorcycles.

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