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Helios Tracker Speed Limiter

Helios Tracker Speed Limiter. Innovative solution designed to curb speeding on Kenyan roads and promote safer driving practices for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.

A speed limit sign

The problem

The problem:

Addressing Road Accidents and Enhancing Road Safety

  • Road Accidents: There is a pressing need to tackle the increasing number of road accidents.

  • Road Safety: Ensuring road safety has become a critical concern, demanding immediate attention.

  • Poor Driving Habits: The prevalence of poor driving habits contributes significantly to road accidents and poses a major challenge.

  • Accountability for Overspeeding with Evidence: Establishing accountability for cases of overspeeding requires concrete evidence to support enforcement efforts.

  • Control Over Public Service Vehicles: Managing and regulating public service vehicles to ensure safe practices on the road is proving to be a challenge.

The solution

The solution

Introduce a Speed Recording System to the National Transport and Safety Authority

The feature

Helios Tracker's unit offers a superior solution, harnessing its capabilities to pinpoint vehicle locations and relay crucial data to authorities. This includes:

1. Speed Recording: Helios tracker advanced technology ensures precise speed data collection, supplying essential information for ongoing monitoring and analysis.

2. Offline Data Storage: Helios tracker unit securely stores recorded data offline, allowing for effortless retrieval and analysis as needed.

3. Transmission to Authority Servers: Helios tracker system ensures seamless communication and data transfer, guaranteeing that speed-related information reaches the appropriate authorities in compliance with regulations.

4. Instant Printing: Helios tracker provide the convenience of instant report printing, delivering real-time insights to authorities.

5. Instant Reports: Helios Tracker furnishes comprehensive and immediate reports, facilitating swift decision-making and effective monitoring.

At Helios Tracker, our unwavering commitment lies in delivering state-of-the-art solutions that have a positive impact on road safety. Let us join forces in our shared mission to create safer roadways for all, recognizing that every small stride we take brings us closer to achieving this paramount objective.

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