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Fuel tanker monitoring

Helios Advanced integrated with fuel sensor monitoring the tanker location, activity, the fuel level and quality.

A huge red fuel tank

The problem

  • Inability to effectively plan the tanker’s route without any monitoring capability.

  • High operational costs caused by insufficient data regarding fuel consumption of the tanker

  • Fuel theft and/ or fuel counterfeiting attempts that damage the business and lead to higher insurance rate.

The solution

  • Providing the tankers location through GPS and cellular network.

  • Providing fleet management with accurate data on the level, volume and quality of fuel in the tanker.

  • Detecting tank refilling and fuel draining volumes.

  • Accurate reading for spotting any fuel forgery attempts.

The feature

Helios Advance integrated with Technoton’s DUT-E 2Bio sensor, installed in the fuel tanker, The installation is done digitally through the Canbus.

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