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DALREFTRANS refrigerated containers

DALREFTRANS is transporting perishable goods in refrigerated containers. Needs maintaining required temperature regime, the container is connected to a genset.

The problem

Excessive fuel usage
Complicated refuel logistics while in route
Lack of information and control of the container temperature

The solution

Installation of a dedicated tracking unit with 3 digital sensors deployed in the refrigerated container. Th tracking unit is equipped with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Installation of a dedicated tracking unit on the Genset, integrated with the generators controls and with BLE for communication with the container unit.

The tracking unit installed on the container, monitors the inside temperature of the container in real time. In case that there is any deviation in the predefined temperature profile, the unit will send a command to the genset unit to switch on the generator and transmit a notification to the server that the generator has been switched on.

The feature

Improved fuel consumption
Reduced fuel transportation cost and refuel
Reduced amount of total work hours of the generator (lower maintenance costs)
Real time temperature control of the refrigerated goods
Real time control of genset status
Generator fuel level control, allows efficient planning of required refuel
With the genset unit installed, total cost reduction per genset is $8,000 per unit per year. For a client with a fleet of 200 gensets, the yearly cost reduction is $1,6000,000

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