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Cash and ATM protection

Helios Tracker hardware technology integrated inside the ATMs alerting and monitoring theft attempts.

A person withdraws money from an ATM

The problem

  • ATM theft – In some cases thieves will take entire ATM machines or in case of a built-in ATM, they will even rip them out of the wall.

  • Unable to monitor when the ATM was serviced and for how long it was opened.

  • Cash theft – Cash suitcases’ security protocol lack the proper monitoring and control

The solution

  • Installing Starcom’s IoT Connect on the ATM machine allows the monitoring of the machine as well as alerting if case of breach or theft.

  • The IoT Connect also allows of the tracking of the suitcases.

  • Installation of the solution on to the cash suitcase allows the activation of the security measure of the case, which deploys ink and makes the stolen cash unusable.

The feature

Helios Tracker hardware technology integrated inside the ATMs and cash suitcases. IoT and monitoring solution for cash-in-transit using the Online.

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