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Accessibility to life-saving technology

Helios TT technology installed in lockers providing IoT remote access.

Smart IoT locker for locking a defibrillator in orange color

The problem

  • A person can experience heart arrhythmia too far from the nears hospital

  • Emergency services might not manage to get to the location in time

The solution

  • Building defibrillator stations in urban street corners, in public open places, in parks, in high-rise buildings with many tenants and so that can be used in case of such an emergency.

  • These stations can be remotely opened by health services and thus people within close proximity to a station can use it to same life while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

  • A smart station, on the control room command, will be open, an alarm will be sound and red strobe will start flashing. As backup, mechanical combination lock is available. The control room will be alert when the station will be open.

The feature

The feature: Helios TT technology installed in each of these stations to provide the remote access and an alert whenever the station is open.

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