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Automated Technological Systems

Telematics solutions & products offer real-time asset visibility, automatic vehicle diagnostics, unmatched compatibility with diverse industry applications.

Hardware Solutions 

Custom telematics trackers compatible with various assets in the automotive industry. All products are seamlessly compatible with all motor vehicle classes, including e-mobility, forklifts, caravans, trailers, boats, generators, etc.

Software Solutions 

State-of-the-art fleet management, tracking, and monitoring software solutions. All products designed to deliver control and tracking on all devices, from standalone office computers and systems to mobile devices and control rooms.


Specialized telematics accessories that are customized and perfectly adapt to the  organization's unit behavior and personal needs/objectives. We continuously refine and innovate to ensure that each accessory is the best in class.

Who we are

Helios Tracker is a global technology company providing sophisticated, bespoke remote tracking and fleet monitoring solutions. We offer fleet management and vehicle security solutions featuring hardware & software products that offer real-time GPS and satellite tracking and monitoring.
Our trackers and web-based/ mobile applications provide a holistic solution with seamless management and tracking of units from a single control panel. Helios trackers offer end-to-end functionality with real-time unit information, live tracking, and customized fleet reports.
We develop mobile and web applications that give our clients efficient and effective resource management while reducing operational costs, streamlining productivity, and transforming customer service.
Helios Tracker tracking and monitoring products are available through 150
technology partners and independently operational in more than 50 countries
with applications localized in 32 languages. Helios units have been serving vehicle
fleets worldwide for 20 years now. We are proud of monitoring over 1,000,000
properties and assets at any time.

The Technology

We leverage custom fleet management software and top-of-the-line GPS tracking solutions to give you a competitive edge. Our products use full cellular technology (GSM/EDGE – 4G, WCDMA – 3G, LTE-M1/NB-IoT – 4G) and location systems (GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou) to create the perfect fleet system. Our web-based user applications allow real-time tracking across the world.

Helios tracking systems are ISO-90001:2015 certified and meet the most demanding industry standards. Our comprehensive asset tracking and fleet management software is extremely versatile, allowing us to create custom-tailored solutions that fit your daily fleet operations and meet your specific business goals. Our in-house development team can build and customize products to meet your unique needs.

The background image shows a trail of car headlights at night with a long exposure on the camera.
Phone screen -  main screen for a new Olly application we are working on.

End-to-End Solutions

Full in-House Solution

All our solutions are designed, built, and customized in-house


Support and training team follow up each project


Bespoke customization possibilities to match the customer exact need

Fleets & Personal

Support  personal use, Fleet management and control center (C4I)


Full integration with 3rd party enterprises and authorities

OEM supplier

Helios Tracker contracted with several car/motorcycle/electric vehicle manufacturers as an OEM supplier for communications and monitoring equipment. Helios tracking and monitoring units are preinstalled in vehicles during manufacturing and serve the manufacturer and user straight out of the factory. This ensures the owner and manufacturer can control and manage the vehicle and benefit from their functions.
Helios tracker units provide comprehensive travel and transit analysis, anti-theft  function, remote vehicle updates, handling, and much more. For each manufacturer a tailor and personalized solutions created.

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