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Helios TT

Helios TT

A versatile GPS track and trace system. It's a waterproof, low voltage, all-in-one unit with advanced features. Helios TT is compact and can be inconspicuously installed in motorcycles and smaller vehicles. It features proprietary safety, security, and tow alerts. Helios TT can be rapidly deployed and will give alerts and events complete with asset details.

Tow alert
Geo fencing
Low power consumption
Backup battery
  • Customized events with Helios Tracker unique event generator 

  • Compact in size and can be easily hidden

  • Very low power consumption

  • Waterproof case available

  • Geo-fencing alerts

  • Tow alert

  • Worldwide detailed maps

  • Personalized notifications via text message, Telegram and e-mail

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