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Helios PRO

Helios PRO

Top of the range GPS tracking and monitoring device with advanced fleet management options. Helios PRO includes already CANbus connectivity and decoder for more than 2000 vehicles. The unit allows information from these vehicles to be read and displayed in the system. Helios PRO is equipped with BLE allowing the use of external sensors and proximity-based detection systems. Helios Pro can configured Over-The-Air (OTA) and it is part of Helios Tracker system including personalize alerts via text message and E- mail, detailed worldwide maps, and Geofencing alerts.

Geo fencing
Backup battery
  • Full fleet management and security features

  • Customized events through Helios Tracker propriety event generator

  • Can be used as a standalone alarm system

  • Over the air configuration and firmware upgrade

  • Personalized alerts via Text message, Telegram and E-mail

  • Worldwide detailed maps

  • Geo-fencing alerts

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